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Orthotics are revolutionary custom foot support that stabilises your foot and lower limbs.  They will help to reduce foot and posture related pain, such as back, knee and hip pain.

At Body Performance, we will customise your orthotics by thermoforming (heat moulding) to your foot and shoe to ensure these are fitted individually to you.

Custom Orthotics

How long do they last?

Orthotics will typically outlast a pair of shoes usually a minimum of 12 months.

Can they be washed?

Yes, simply wash them in warm water with a little detergent and rinse. Dry them with a towel and replace them in your shoes. The Formax foam is waterproof and does not absorb sweat preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi that causes foot odour or athletes foot.

If you wish to discuss customised orthotics please get in touch or book an appointment today